Since amiibo hit stores we've had the opportunity to interact with some of our Nintendo heroes, even if the final retail figures aren't quite as fancy as the demo units revealed at E3. In the vast majority of cases each model is of reasonable quality, but odd defects can happen — one lucky fan discovered a dual-wielding Samus and then flogged it for $2500.

Searching for defective amiibo toys could become a new gold rush, as another has appeared that — as far as we can tell — is legitimate. It's a Peach toy without any legs, which is probably — in the interests of the Princess — for the best in light of the odd photos some have been taking of this amiibo. It's legitimate enough that the seller has just recently put it live on eBay.

Peach Amiibo Legless
Legless Peach2

With the item just launched it's yet to attract bids, though we doubt it'll reach the heights of the Samus amiibo oddity. It's easy to see — considering the automated mass production that brings us these toys — how parts can occasionally be missed; it's not like Peach is going to get up and walk out of the factory...

We'll add this to the list of amiibo oddities, then. Would you like to own a Peach amiibo like this, or is there a particular character defect you'd love to discover?

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