Doom, doomed

The N64 got an exclusive Doom title in 1997, but this wasn't the only game in the lineage that was planned for Nintendo's 64-bit system. The plan was to follow up with Doom Absolution, a 2-player competitive shooter developed to capitalise on the deathmatch craze triggered by Rare's excellent GoldenEye 007.

However, according to Unseen 64, the title was canned early in development so that Midway San Diego & id Software could move onto Quake II 64, which was arguably a more commercially viable proposition at the time.

According to programmer Aaron Seeler, a split-screen deathmatch mode was originally planned for Doom 64, but didn't make the cut:

At that time, as dm purists, most everybody involved thought it silly to play dm split screen, where you could see everybody else. So, we chose not to do it. 007 beat the crap out of Doom 64. Quite a regret.

Sadly, no screens for Doom Absolution exist today, and it would appear that little work took place before development moved over to Quake 64. Would you have wanted to play a multiplayer Doom on your N64 back in the '90s, or do you think it made more sense to move onto Quake instead? Let us know by posting a comment.