That zombie in the middle looks amazingly realistic!

ZombiU 2 isn't happening for several reasons, the first being that the original game — while providing a superb demonstration of the Wii U's potential as well as many excellent jump-scares — didn't sell particularly well. With Watch Dogs looking like Ubisoft's last truly serious effort on Nintendo's home console, the notion of the company pouring resource into a sequel seems almost as likely as Zelda hitting the PS4.

However, that hasn't stopped some mischievous scamp over at Amazon France from listing the game for release on October 17th 2015, which was quickly pulled after it was spotted by Jeux Video. Amusingly, the game was listed as being published by Bandai Namco, while the description hinted at a New York setting.

Zombie U- 2 Amazon Fr 1- 1152 X757
Zombie U- 2 Amazon Fr 2- 1152 X741

Could this be a prank on behalf of an Amazon staffer, or did someone make a mistake when entering information into the company's site? Or perhaps these screen grabs are merely mock-ups, designed to whip Wii U owners into a frenzy? Maybe someone at Amazon just really likes Bono? We'll let you decide.

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