My head hurts

Mario Kart 8's new DLC is a beautiful thing, offering additional characters, karts and tracks which breathe new life into what was already one of the best Wii U games. However, one of the highlights for the Nintendo Life team — all card-carrying F-Zero fans — is the Mute City track, which makes us want a sequel more than ever.

Rather than following suit and crossing their fingers for a new F-Zero, YouTube user Uchiha Madao has taken a step backwards by recreating the Mario Kart 8 Mute City in the N64 title F-Zero X using the 64DD Expansion Kit version's track building mode. So it's the future imitating the past on past hardware. Confused? Yes, we are too.

Speaking about the track, Madao noted that it's not quite a straight replication:

It was pretty fun and odd rebuilding this track because just last year i never thought I'd be rebuilding a Mute City track that didn't come from an F-Zero game. This track turned out pretty well but I had to tweak some parts because FZX's physics are more dangerous (the part where the cylinder joins the track is upside down and that is insta-death in FZX normally).

Check out the footage below and tell us what you think about this insanely amazing piece of retro-customisation.