Earlier this year YouTube announced that it'd update its service to finally support 60 frames per second (FPS) videos, which means that footage can be silky smooth and delicious for our eyeballs; that update went live at the end of October. The standard performance is 30 FPS, and if you're unsure of how different 30 and 60 frames look in practice, play Mario Kart 8 in single player (60) and then switch to three or four player local (30); another comparison is to play Super Mario 3D World and then play a 'triple A' release by almost any major developer that isn't Nintendo. It's night and day.

60 FPS videos have now gradually started to become a little more common, and Nintendo has just joined in by re-issuing two of its trailers with that improved frame rate. We have the aforementioned Mario Kart 8 with the latest DLC trailer, and also the most recent Splatoon video. To enjoy these, however, you'll need to use the Google Chrome browser and remember to set the quality to 720p60; you can see them below.

As another little bonus we have a video from the Indie Game Revolution launch party at EMP in Seattle, a museum exhibition focused on gaming; Nintendo was a sponsor and showcased a range of indie titles available on or coming to the eShop.

Hopefully Nintendo will now issue 60 FPS versions of its trailers as standard; did you enjoy the difference, and did that improved Splatoon footage increase your anticipation for next-year's colourful shooter?