The rather pretty demo figures, ours won't be quite as nice

Nothing says it's Friday like some nice, relaxing polls, so we thought we'd take one of the big topics of the week — amiibo — and gauge how you'll be enjoying — or not as the case may be — the upcoming range of toys. It's all very well looking at the attention Nintendo's directing towards the figures and assuming that Wii U owners are already clearing shelf space on which these toys can reside, but is that the reality?

Of course we're limited to those with a Wii U, at this stage, with 3DS support still to come in 2015, while there's also been some discontent that the mass-produced final figures aren't as attractive as the demo equivalents that started doing the rounds at E3. There are also a number of us that may have previously decided that we wouldn't buy any of the toys before, having seen them, proceeded to wipe out our future bank balance with pre-order.

These polls focus on key areas: how many amiibo are you planning to buy in the confirmed 'waves', and more importantly which will be your main buddy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U; though we're sure many will train multiple companions, we're curious of which one will be the focus. We also want to know whether the confirmed but more minor 'read' compatibility in other titles is something that you plan to use. At the moment this is all directed, naturally, towards Wii U owners.

Simply put the time for talking with amiibo is almost over, with the figures about to land in stores — which will you go for?


How many of the confirmed amiibo do you plan to buy? (852 votes)

  1. One or two29%
  2. 3 to 534%
  3. 6 to 1013%
  4. 11 to 153%
  5. 16 to 201%
  6. 21-25  0.4%
  7. 26-28  0.7%
  8. All of them!11%
  9. None of them!6%
  10. I don't have a Wii U, so why are you asking me?2%

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Who'll be you 'main' amiibo in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U? (812 votes)

  1. Mario5%
  2. Link18%
  3. Samus11%
  4. Kirby5%
  5. Fox3%
  6. Donkey Kong2%
  7. Pikachu4%
  8. Peach2%
  9. Marth2%
  10. Yoshi6%
  11. Villager3%
  12. Wii Fit Trainer1%
  13. Diddy Kong  1%
  14. Zelda2%
  15. Luigi2%
  16. Captain Falcon6%
  17. Pit2%
  18. Little Mac2%
  19. Bowser2%
  20. Toon Link5%
  21. Sheik  0.1%
  22. Sonic1%
  23. Mega Man5%
  24. King Dedede1%
  25. Ike2%
  26. Rosalina & Luma1%
  27. Shulk5%
  28. Lucario1%
  29. Meta Knight  0.5%

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Do you plan to use amiibo in Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 this year? (796 votes)

  1. Absolutely, it's a fun little extra feature77%
  2. I have the games, but I'm not bothered about the amiibo features15%
  3. I don't have the games / don't plan to get the Mario Kart 8 compatible amiibo figures8%

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Let us know, and we can all see how many people will be heading to the bank for an amiibo-related loan.