Last week brought us a fairly busy Kickstarter update with a few success stories to celebrate, albeit with the flipside of other notable projects not hitting their targets. This week brings us more titles that have fallen short, while some new entries arrive with their second attempts on the crowdfunding platform.

For the first time in a while we do have a prospective 3DS title, too. Overall, however, this is a quieter update, though in the past we've certainly heard from small developers that it's not wise to crowdfund during the busiest shopping season of the year; that may explain the relative absence of campaigns.

Below are the latest updates for your perusal.

New Projects

Pocket Rumble — 3DS included as $60,000 stretch goal [approx $9,621 of $22,500 target raised, 20 days to go]

Pocket Rumble

This is the second attempt at funding for this retro-styled 2D fighter; it draws heavy inspiration from SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket. 8-bit style visuals and a group of characters designed to suit different play styles offer variety, while there'll also be a number of 'guest' indie characters and a control scheme to strip away excessive complexity.

Chances of success: Certainly on course for its core goal, though the 3DS stretch goal requires a big boost in momentum.

Wizard's Day — Wii U included in core goal [approx $330 of $15,000 target raised, 27 days to go]

Wizard Day

Another project making a second attempt, footage seems to show some improvements over the previous iteration, primarily with more sensible physics and exploration mechanics. An adventure title at heart, it still appears to have a fairly languid pace for traversing the world, but is certainly the sort of project that will appeal to some.

Chances of success: The target is modest, though funding is yet to truly get up and running.

Unfunded Campaigns

Pixel Galaxies: Enemies Aren't Forever — Wii U included in core goal [$2,044 of $6,000 target raised]

Pixel Galaxy

A colourful shooter that we covered at the campaign's launch, this is an intense pixel-based arena shooter that draws inspiration from games such as Katamari & Super Hexagon.

Chances of success: Though funding was missed, the developer is continuing and confirmed the game is still planned for Wii U, with the video below showing updated ideas and changes to design.

UCraft — Wii U included in core goal [$1,283 of $20,000 target raised]

UCraft Cel

A title drawing heavy inspiration from Minecraft, this attracted headlines and attention as a standard project, thought its bold aims of a Winter 2014 release were pushed back to next year, after which this campaign emerged. Developer Nexis Games has made big promises with this game, though at present the studio doesn't have a track record of success to back up those claims.

Chances of success: Still planned for Wii U but now going multiplatform, you can see an updated status right here.

Pending for Wii U

Aegis Defenders — Wii U included as $150,000 stretch goal [$145,815 of $65,000 raised]

Aegis Defender

Already a significant success in its campaign, this looks like a stylish tactical platformer in which two players co-operate and use various items for self-defence and navigating the environment. The pitch trailer shows promising use of these mechanics with some attractive visuals.

Chances of success: Paypal donations are slowly taking the developers towards the Wii U goal, but as yet it's not been reached.

Ray's the Dead — Wii U included as $65,000 stretch goal [$51,773 of $30,000 raised]

Rays the Dead

Another success story, this game has eye-catching visuals and a neat hook as you raise the dead — hence the wordplay in the title — to accompany you on an adventure; it seems to be part exploration, part strategy as you lead and hurl an undead army into action. It's all with the goal of exploring Ray LaMorte's backstory.

Chances of success: Pre-orders from the game's website will apparently count towards stretch goals, so there's hope yet for a Wii U version.

That's another week down — as always let us know if there are any projects that are missing that you feel are worth consideration. In the meantime let us know what you think of the new entries and those that have missed their targets.