Pixel Galaxy

The download scene isn't short of retro-styled titles, as they can be an effective way to develop on a budget and appeal to a wide range of gamers. Another throwing its hat into the ring, through Kickstarter, is Pixel Galaxy: Enemies Aren't Forever; it's only looking for $6000 in funding, too.

Apparently inspired by Katamari & Super Hexagon, this looks rather intense as hundreds of bright pixels fly and drift around the screen, while you manoeuvre your own pixels, gather others and generally do your best to survive. There are different power-ups to absorb, six difficulty settings and some bosses to tackle.

Wii U is included in the core goal, making this a fairly realistic bet at this stage. We're a little unsure as to whether this looks a lot of fun or downright confusing, as we're not always clear on what's happening. Perhaps it doesn't help this writer being bespectacled and past his prime.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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