A little more than a year ago, we posted an eBay find of a well-designed Master Sword replica. Since that auction (which ended at $935, by the way), the creator has forged on with new blades and projects--one of which can be yours for a lucky donation.

The Dark Link's Sword replica is a nasty piece of equipment, but it's been put up for a very nice cause. The sword will be given away sometime tomorrow, 19th November, as part of the annual Desert Bus for Hope marathon. When the 42-inch (1 m), 5-pound (2.26 kg) sword comes up for grabs, a specified donation amount will be provided. Donate that much to be entered to win, or multiples of the amount for additional chances. All donations go to Child's Play, which helps provide video games and other activities for children in hospitals. Watch the marathon or keep up with the Desert Bus Twitter feed to know when to strike.

As a bonus from the sword creator, anyone who donates $19.86 (you can guess the significance of that number) to Desert Bus through the end of the marathon can receive a $100 discount on their own Master Sword replica. Production of the replicas will begin early next year with a limited supply. For more details, and more photos of Dark Link's Sword, head over to the creator's site.

Are you pondering putting in for "The Sword of Evil's Reign"? Let us know below.

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[source heroicreplicas.com, via desertbus.org]