Would you like a sword? All right, dumb question. If someone were just handing them out on the street, who wouldn’t take one? Let’s rephrase: are you looking for a nicely made replica of Link’s Master Sword?

Because if you are (or just realized you need to be), it’d be hard to go wrong with this beauty currently up for auction on eBay. According to the seller, the hand-made item is based on the Skyward Sword incarnation of the legendary sword, with an oak handle, Triforce engravings on the blade faces, and an overall length of 42 inches (~107 cm). It even includes its own pedestal with a leather inlay to prevent damage to the blade. It has not been infused with a talkative, overly analytic spirit, for better or worse.

The auction started at a penny and is up to $255 at the time of this post, with just over 4 days to go. That might be a lot, but if you look at it a certain way, you could consider your job and other ways of scrounging up money all part of the quest to claim the Master Sword!

This auction was first noticed over at GameSniped, which has a list of other game-related auctions currently underway.

Would a Master Sword be the ultimate piece of Zelda paraphernalia to have? If not, what would be? Let us know below.

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