As we've already mentioned several times before until we're blue in the face, we helped Nintendo UK host the official UK Mario Kart 8 Championships at this year's EGX.

During the four days we held daily competitions so attendees could show off their skills, as well as two special races which featured 24 of the UK's most popular YouTubers. However, before we share those events with you, we thought you'd like to see conclusive proof of which indie developer is the best at the popular Wii U racer.

Taking part were:

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that Martin morphs into our very own Mark Green halfway through the video — sadly he was called away for an interview and couldn't complete the challenge. Not that it mattered, as Curve's Hamish was the ultimate victor, and walked away with a very swanky Mario Kart Cup, while the runners-up — Henning, Robin and Sean — all received slightly smaller trophies for their heroic efforts.

So there you have it — Curve Digital is officially the best indie developer at Mario Kart 8. You heard it here first!