Master Quest DLC

Hyrule Warriors has made quite an impact since its launch, with positive sales so far in the US. Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have plans to keep fans happy, however, with four sets of DLC on the way.

The first batch of DLC — Master Quest Pack — is now available in Europe and North America; it includes the following content.

  • Five new Legend Mode scenarios
  • A new Adventure Mode map (Master Quest) with seven new 8-bit weapons and sixteen new alternatively-coloured costumes as rewards
  • A new weapon type for Link (Epona)
  • Two new costumes (Guardian of Time for Lana and Cia)

We decided to jump right in and try out the new content, which you can enjoy below with that incessant Koei Tecmo rock-style Zelda music. If the sight of Epona kicking villains in the face doesn't amp you up, then Hyrule Warriors clearly isn't for you.

Let us know what you think of this footage, and whether you've dived into this DLC as yet.