3 DS Themes

Nintendo recently released the most recent 3DS system update, which includes HOME menu themes. The idea of snazzy wallpapers and sound effects to accompany the front-end of the portable's user interface is exceedingly simple and inevitably popular, with Nintendo offering non-branded designs at a budget price and others with famous characters at a slightly higher rate.

Are they worth buying? The five basic colours available for free do rather little, whereas the paid options come with new music and more varied looks, though the Theme Shop itself only gives a simple visual preview rather that a detailed sample.

Ever diligent video man NintenDaan has captured all of the launch themes, however, giving us a brief look at what they have to offer. A number of the Mushroom Kingdom-related themes share the same music but — of course — have different colour schemes and folder designs, while our eye has been caught by the stylish Hanafuda option, in addition to the classy Branded Wood and Stamped Felt Mario Characters designs. There's also a Link Between Worlds theme for those looking at the pricier offerings; an offering based on Animal Crossing: New Leaf is also due this month.

Have a look below and let us know which HOME menu themes catch your eye.

Thanks to RupeeClock for the heads up.