'Guys? We don't need the human sacrifice any more. Guys? Guys?'

The long wait for a definite Shin Megami Tensei IV release date in Europe has come to an end. Originally announced by Atlus for Europe in Q3 2014, after an unexpected hiatus in the title's development a subsequently revised release window of September, pricing, and DLC details were announced this past July. In early September the European release was pushed further out to late October due to some last-minute issues.

With a final, actual date of 30th October, the European eShop-only version of Shin Megami Tensei IV will be priced at £17.99/€19.99, with all DLC coming available during the first month after launch. Please also note that the release will be English-language only, and check out Nintendo Life's favourable review if you haven't already.

You may resume petting your unicorns, and please don't forget to comment once the smoke clears from your eyes.