New 3 DS Screwdriver

We suspect that a good number of you reading this are preparing to pick up a New Nintendo 3DS later this year (Japan, Australia and New Zealand) or in 2015 (everywhere else), but you'll need more than just a higher-capacity micro SD card — you'll need a screwdriver and a willingness to mess around with small screws.

Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel has gone positively New 3DS crazy, while also showing off videos for each and every HOME menu theme — hats off to the unfortunate employee / intern that uploaded each individually. Some videos promoting the new model have been posted to show basic instructions, such as completing settings, setting up parental controls and so on, yet videos for inserting micro SD cards and 'Kisekae' faceplates have caught our attention. While we quietly judged Nintendo's hardware designers — during the system's reveal — for exchanging the convenience of popping in an SD card for removing the back of the system to insert micro variants in the New models, it's now clear just how much fiddling around is needed for switching out that memory. The faceplates are no different, with some unscrewing needed to place one of these on the back of a system; at least the stylus has been designed to help manoeuvre loosened sections off.

So, make sure you acquire a stylish little screwdriver and watch Nintendo's videos closely; the days of whacking in an SD card in seconds are over.