Last year and just before E3, as the hype for a certain Wii U brawler intensified, accessory company PDP announced its GameCube-styled Fight Pad controllers, with the revealed designs being based on Mario, Peach and Yoshi. Though Nintendo has its own GameCube Smash Bros. controller and adapter on the way for Wii U, PDP will no doubt still be hoping to attract substantial sales with its designs in the coming months.

The company is gearing up to expand the range, too, with retail listings appearing for the following four pads, designed to honour Donkey Kong, Link, Samus and Wario.


Like the other three designs these will essentially be wired Wii Classic Controllers, so therefore plug into a Wii Remote; as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and other titles on the latest Nintendo home console support Classic Controllers, PDP is clearly aiming to satisfy as wide an audience as possible.

We'll keep an eye out for official release details from PDP, but let us know whether you're tempted by any of these controllers.

Thanks to Babyguess for the heads up.

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