MH4 U Old Desert Screenshot 001

A recent banner discovered at a German expo with both the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Wii U logos in coupling has been declared as simply an error, and Capcom appear to have no plans to release the game on the Wii U.

The official word from Capcom PR is as follows:

This was a printing mistake made when the wrong system logo was printed together with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate logo by accident. This was corrected immediately on Saturday, 13th Sept. when the issue was discovered. MH4U is only in development for Nintendo 3DS

It's a shame that the title won't be coming to Wii U, but considering that the 3DS game will have full online functionality – unlike its predecessor – it looks like all we'll be missing out on is visual flair, which isn't such a bitter pill to swallow.

Were you hoping for a surprise announcement from Capcom, or are you happy with hunting on the move? Let us and everyone else know what you think in the comments section!