Mewtwo Model

Nintendo has announced the return of Mewtwo to the Super Smash Bros. series after being absent in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, much to the distaste of many fans. There's no word on how he'll function yet, but he won't be playable right away, as this iconic monster is still in development.

Mewtwo will be available to fans who own a copy of both Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, much in the same way as the previously announced soundtrack CD. The current estimated release date for Mewtwo is Spring 2015, and will be available as a free download for both versions of the game.

Metal Face

Also revealed were details regarding stage bosses Ridley and Metal Face. Both characters are more complicated and engaging than the ones found on the 3DS version. Metal Face appears appropriately on Gaur Plain – but only at night – and will attack all comers and destroy parts of the stage in an attempt to throw you from the battlefield. He's not as nigh-on immortal as he was in Xenoblade Chronicles, however, and you can KO him in order to stop his reign of terror.


Ridley is an altogether much more interesting boss. He behaves much more like a playable fighter than other bosses, and if you deal enough damage to him, he'll bow down to your authority and join you to take out the opponents. If a fighter manages to KO Ridley, they'll gain a point for their final score, even if Ridley is fighting for you at the time. Furthermore, if Ridley is able to absorb some energy from a particular part of the stage, he will transform into Meta Ridley and become even more powerful.

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