That's a LOT of games.

If you thought your gaming collection was something extraordinary, think again. eBay enthusiast — perhaps better known as Aaron “NintendoTwizer” Norton — has decided to auction his entire collection of consoles, games, and gaming memorabilia. This includes more than 5,700 games, with systems (and their variants) ranging from Nintendo to Xbox, and even Atari. He’s even offered his very own custom-built and painted shelves in which these treasured artefacts lay rest upon.

Aaron is a well-established gaming collector, and so this news has come as more of a shock as opposed to an opportunity to those ready to empty their pockets (we even interviewed him earlier this year). Nevertheless, it’s a great chance for those old-school gamers willing to educate the younger generation on the origins of their favourite gaming icons – or simply to own a Goliath of a collection that puts all gaming stores to shame.

But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The latest impending owner should be prepared to hear their wallet echo, for the asking price is a whopping $164,000. Yep, it’s that big a deal, and some would argue that this is in fact a generous starting offer. If you’re interested, or want to keep an eye out on how the auction is progressing, have a gander here. Alternatively, check out the list of every title in the collection.

Why Aaron is deciding to sell his life-long gems is unknown, but one thing’s for sure, the new potential owner will have just kissed their social life goodbye.

Thanks to our colleagues at Pure Xbox for the heads up!

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