Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Image

Nintendo has now launched its Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - Special Demo Version in Japan and PAL territories, which includes unique gameplay and Mega Evolutions that can then be transferred to the full game when it's released; North American details are also coming through.

As you may have seen, we're distributing 30,000 UK codes right here on Nintendo Life — if you're in the UK you can get all of the details and register right here.

Last month, meanwhile, Nintendo Australia promised that select Club Nintendo members in Australia and New Zealand would receive an exclusive email code for the Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire demo starting from the 15th October onwards, and sure enough that day has arrived with Nintendo delivering on its word.

If you’re one of the lucky Pokémon fanatics living in a relevant location who has today received an exclusive code via email for the special demo version of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, then head over to the 3DS eShop now, tap the menu tab on the front page of the shop, and hit the ‘Redeem Download Code’ icon. From here, enter your exclusive demo code, and jump straight into your new adventure.

The special demo version of the upcoming Pokémon games requires 1935 open blocks. If you're not in the UK or Australia / New Zealand then distribution details and opportunities are all different; below is a full lowdown via Serebii, including fresh information for North America.

  • Japan — CoroCoro November 2014 Issue — From October 15th 2014
    Chao Magazine — December 2014 Issue — From November 1st 2014
  • United States — Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter — From October 21st 2014
  • Canada — Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter — From October 21st 2014
  • United Kingdom — Nintendo Life, Amazon, Smyth Toys Superstores, ShopTo and the Nintendo UK Official Store — Sent through e-mail from October 15th 2014
    GAME — Nintendo Zone — From October 15th 2014
    Wikia and Bin Weevils — From November 2014
  • The Netherlands — First Look & Autumn Tours — November 2014
    GameMania Stores — From October 15th 2014
  • Italy — Topolino and Il Giornalino Magazine October 2014 (Not redeemable until October 15th)
    Focus Junior — Early November 2014
    Nintendolandia Tour — October 18th 2014
    Milan Games Week — October 24th to October 26th 2014
    Fieramilanocity & at Nintendo stand in G come Giocare — November 21st to 23rd 2014
  • Belgium — F.A.C.T.S. Festival — October 18th/19th 2014
    Nintendo On Tour Mall Tour — November 2014
  • Portugal — Lisboa Games Week & Comic Con Portugal — November 6th-9th 2014
    FNAC, Media Markt and El Corte Inglés — From October 15th 2014
  • France — Paris Games Week — October 29th - November 2nd 2014
  • Spain — GAME - Nintendo Zone — From October 15th 2014
  • Official Nintendo Magazine — From October 15th 2014
    Manga Fair - Barcelona — October 30th to November 2nd 2014
  • Germany — McDonalds Nintendo Zone — From October 15th 2014
  • Australia — Club Nintendo — From October 15th 2014
    Retailers — From November 3rd 2014
  • South Africa — BT Games, Toy Zone, Toys R Us, or AWX — From October 15th 2014
  • South Korea — eMart, HomePlus & LotteMart Stores — From October 18th 2014

It's exciting news to see Pokémon Trainer Club members in North America get involved; how many of you in the US and Canada are hoping for an email?

Wherever you are, good luck!