First 4 Figures are known as rather talented figure manufacturers, covering franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Kirby and Sonic the Hedgehog. Most notable, however, is its beautiful range of The Legend of Zelda collectible statues, spanning various games of the brand's rich history. They boast a slew of character statues, from Ocarina of Time's Dark Link to Twilight Princess' Zant — prices typically range from $99 to $479USD.

First 4 Figures has now announced a new collectible statue - Link on Loftwing, a first from Skyward Sword:

It captures Link and his Loftwing together, soaring through the air as they explore the skies. They appear to be flying above a base that looks like a mass of swirling clouds. Both of them include the most exacting details, from the Loftwing's feathers to Link's chainmail.

Currently, the largest figure First 4 Figures possesses in its collection is the Twilight Princess rendition of Ganondorf, standing at a Deku Tree-sized 23 inches tall. Now knowing that this latest figure is the biggest yet — 26 inches tall — it's unsurprising that it's been priced at $459USD; pre-orders are open ahead of delivery in Q2 2015.

Let us know what you think of this extravagant figure in the comments below.

Linkfigure2 Ori

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