Super Mario Bros3

One of the delights of retro Nintendo games is in discovering their secrets, little snippets of interesting features that can only be spotted with close attention. Hunting 'easter eggs' is a major part of retro gaming.

A current series on the Did You Know Gaming channel is looking to reveal intriguing details on all of the main series Mario games; always a popular subject. Some of these facts are pretty well known, but a few have been new to us — we're sure some of you already know them all, so please understand.

Learning about these quirky features or surprising cross-overs and references is always fun, so below you can see the first two parts of this video series; the first part was posted a couple of weeks ago, with part two arriving recently. They cover Super Mario Bros. right up to a few initial facts for Super Mario 64.

Let us know what you think, and share any cool easter eggs that have been missed out in the videos.