Nintendo certainly grabbed attention when it announced a NES-themed 3DS XL; the model will be exclusive to GameStop in North America, and unfortunately there are no plans to bring it to Europe. It's due for release on 10th October and will cost $199.99.

Not all love the design, however, with the presence of the NES controller graphic on the outer shell surprising some, particularly those that prefer the Game Boy Advance SP NES design. This 3DS design has certainly split fans, failing to gain universal praise to have North American gamers rushing to stores; especially with the 'New' 3DS models due in the West next year.

Reddit user Kungfuquickness has produced his own NES 3DS and posted instructions for gamers to follow if they want to follow suit. It involves sanding, plenty of paint and a decal purchase. Both systems, for comparison, are below.

Nintendo's model
Kungfuquickness model

Which do you prefer? Nintendo's shiny retail version, or the homely efforts of a 3DS fan that decided to produce an NES XL their own way? Let us know in the comments below.

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