AITD Screen

Just recently we shared the teasing news that Alone In The Dark is making another comeback, which raised our eyebrows considering the Wii release of dubious quality and the general panning that the last rebirth of the franchise endured on multiple platforms. Atari, now a new, fairly small-scale company, had confirmed that it wasn't deterred and that a new title was to be revealed at PAX.

Alone In The Dark: Illumination is that title, and it's only coming to PC this Fall season; disappointing for console gamers. Unsurprisingly — considering the development newcomers Pure FPS are behind the game — it's a first-person title, with the accompanying press release confusing itself by saying it's in the "survival horror genre" before explaining that it's all about battling "through challenging missions and dynamic environments filled with blood-thirsty beasts in order to rid an abandoned town of its mysterious curse of Darkness". The emphasis is on saving additional characters that have their own unique weapons in "action-packed gameplay", making this sound like a 'shoot everything in the face' kind of game; it'll also include co-op play.

Time will tell, though unlike the last entry in this series it's not confirmed for consoles at this time. You can see a teaser trailer below, so let us know what you think, and whether you're disappointed that it's PC-only at this stage.