Alone in the Dark

Alone In The Dark on Wii, released back in 2008, won't exactly go down in the annals of history as a classic. While the original game in this franchise is widely cited as a source of inspiration for subsequent survival horror experiences, the Atari-published reboot in the previous generation of systems didn't go down particularly well. Applying modern touches to a retro gem is an awkward business.

Atari, in its latest guise as a small business with a somewhat interesting comeback strategy, is planning a new "re-imagined" entry in the series. Slightly concerning is the fact that the named developer, Pure FPS, doesn't have any noticeable presence online — that instantly raises some alarm bells, with Atari potentially hiring an unproven development studio to work on an iconic brand. In any case, it'll apparently be on show at PAX, so we'll see more soon.

Is this a series you hope to see return to Nintendo hardware, or should it be left alone to savour its retro heritage? Let us know what you think.