The dust is now starting to settle on Nintendo's surprise reveal of the New Nintendo 3DS in a Japanese Nintendo Direct. Due in Nintendo's homeland this October and other regions in 2015, it adds a healthy dose of new features and improvements to — potentially — invigorate the 3DS family of systems in the coming years.

Its success or otherwise is yet to be seen, of course, though the reveal and its various details have prompted plenty of debate. We've already given our initial video reaction, argued that the systems will bring new life to the 3DS and put together an initial guide of New Nintendo 3DS details revealed so far, but we really want to know what you think now that the information is available and there's been time to digest the news.

In our only poll on the subject so far hundreds of you had your say on whether you were excited about the systems, with the results below.

Are you excited about the New Nintendo 3DS? (710 votes)

  1. Absolutely, I'm beyond hyped43%
  2. I am, though I'm not super hyped30%
  3. I'm not sure yet9%
  4. Not really, but I may be persuaded7%
  5. No, I'm not3%
  6. I'm frustrated that there's even a hardware revision7%

We want to know more about what you think of the new hardware, however, so below are some polls that ask whether you intend to buy one, your favoured model, thoughts on the branding, the presence of Xenoblade Chronicles as an exclusive and — most importantly — your favourite feature.

Hit up the polls and comments below and let us know what you think of Nintendo's New 3DS.

Do you plan to buy a New Nintendo 3DS? (995 votes)

  1. Definitely, I will be buying one of the new models47%
  2. I think so, it's quite likely at this stage24%
  3. I haven't thought about it yet4%
  4. I don't think so, but may dither and change my mind18%
  5. Definitely not6%
  6. I'm importing / buying a Japanese model in October, so there!1%

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Designs Front
Ll Designs Fron EDIT

Which is your favourite New Nintendo 3DS model? (906 votes)

  1. White Standard model25%
  2. Black Standard model19%
  3. Metallic Blue XL model27%
  4. Metallic Black XL model25%
  5. I don't like any of them5%

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What do you think of the 'New' Nintendo 3DS name? (921 votes)

  1. I like it a lot, it's great branding7%
  2. It's decent, I don't hate it25%
  3. Hm, I'm on the fence12%
  4. I don't really like it, but it's tolerable23%
  5. It's a poor name choice33%

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How do you feel about Xenoblade Chronicles being a New 3DS exclusive? (917 votes)

  1. I support the idea, more games to utilise the faster CPU are welcome49%
  2. Pleased the game is confirmed, but unsure of whether it should be exclusive24%
  3. Xeno-what?6%
  4. I don't approve of New exclusivity, and I'm not keen on the game anyway5%
  5. I disapprove, there shouldn't be any games exclusive to the new system15%

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Which is your favourite New Nintendo 3DS feature? (903 votes)

  1. The C-Stick (second Circle Pad)29%
  2. ZL and ZR buttons2%
  3. amiibo support3%
  4. "Super-Stable" (better!) 3D viewing27%
  5. Faster CPU - improved performance22%
  6. Improved web browser (including HTML5 video support)3%
  7. Micro-SD card storage  0%
  8. Wireless media transfers with a PC1%
  9. Design changes (new button, cart slot, stylus and volume slider placement)3%
  10. Improved camera lighting  0%
  11. Interchangeable faceplates on the Standard model4%
  12. Teeny-weeny improvement in battery life1%
  13. The new charging docks (I have a thing for charging docks)1%
  14. The larger screens on the Standard models3%
  15. None of the above1%

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