Mega Man 3 Legends Demake

Last year we told you about an 8-bit demake of Mega Man Legends 3 being produced by a group of fans; it promised quite a departure from the original 3D adventure, naturally, as it was taking the characters and setting for a more typical 2D action Mega Man experience.

It's taken quite some time, but it's finally finished and available to download for free on PC. To access it you need to visit this page and type "dash3" in the dialogue box. There are some features to help distinguish this one from the other 8-bit fan-made Mega Man games out there, such as a roll move, an option to use a limited meter for an instant charge shot and a jumping kick attack.

Get Me Off the Moon was a group that included contributors from around the globe, so it's interesting to now see the result of these endeavours. We'll take a look and you can see a trailer below — will you be giving this a try?