A meeting of the era's greatest minds?

We were clued in yesterday to The World's Greatest Detective showing up in Capcom's upcoming The Great Ace Attorney (aka Ace Attorney: The Adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodou). Now Famitsu Weekly has released more information and images on the game's renditions of Sherlock Holmes and his legendary sidekick, Watson, with translations courtesy Kotaku.

According to Holme's description in Famitsu, the detective still hails from London. Whether that means he visits the main character in 19th Century Japan or Phoenix's ancestor pays a visit to Baker Street himself is currently unknown. What is known is that the look of Sherlock's hat and goggles may inspire faint desires to play Chrono Trigger.

Sporting her own set of goggles is Iris Watson, an 8-year-old girl with a Ph.D. in medicine who lives with Holmes and, like the source material, is behind the writing of Holme's escapades. Iris is a rather uncommon representation of Dr. Watson, certainly, but she's also not the first young, female prodigy to be found in the Ace Attorney universe.

Just how much of a role Holmes and Watson will play in The Great Ace Attorney remains a mystery, but Famitsu says they will be involved in a new "collaborative deduction" system. The Great Ace Attorney is currently expected to hit Spring 2015 in Japan, with no word yet on any outside releases.

What do you think of the investigative pair now that you've had a chance to see them? Let us know below.

[source kotaku.com]