Ganondorf Smirking

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo are gradually moving beyond the stage of near-constant reveals for Hyrule Warriors, and on to slightly more reserved pre-launch hype. In a notable change to various sections on the official website there are no longer any "Coming Soon" boxes to tease us, but in their place final pre-launch line-ups of playable characters, villains and stages.

That's not to say every facet of the game has been shown off, as we're sure surprises are in store, but it does take us into a new age of fairly typical hype building, particularly in the West — it arrives next week, on 14th August, in Japan. As a result Koei Tecmo has uploaded a couple of videos teasing the confirmed content. The first shows more of Ganondorf in action; he also smirks at every opportunity, though if we had his track record of losing battles with teenage or younger heroes we'd be decidedly less cocky.

Next up is a simple one, as it's a retro-styled intro movie for Adventure Mode, which is nice and 8-bit in theme.

Are you hyped about this one as it creeps ever closer? Let us know.