Adventure Mode 1

While new details were relatively rare in Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors Direct, we did get a better look at some features in the localised broadcast. One part of the game that was shown off was Adventure Mode, an extra from the main campaign.

It initially takes place on a retro-styled, grid-based overworld — you can see this below.

Adventure Mode2

Moving onto an area will often move you into a typical Hyrule Warriors battle with some unique victory conditions, though some parts will bring up an NES-style screen — at the top of this article — that may task you with finding a hidden item; once you find the item you then fight for it in the game's modern world. Completing challenges will unlock grids, with the idea being to explore the whole area; there will be special items and even playable characters that can only be accessed through this mode.

It could be an interesting time-sink away from the core campaign, but let us know what you think of it in the comments below.