Citizens of Earth Recruit

Citizens of Earth has had an interesting history, with the charming RPG struggling and missing the mark on Kickstarter before Atlus stepped in to publish. Coming to Wii U and 3DS, among other platforms, it's been described — stylistically — as having similarities to Super NES classic EarthBound, which adds a little extra pressure.

The concept, in which you're Vice President of the World and recruit civilians to help you save the planet, certainly sounds suitable for a quirky adventure; the cartoony visuals also do it no harm. Atlus is gradually building up some interest in the title with trailers to show how this RPG will shape up, and over the weekend published the video below — it shows how locating citizens isn't enough for recruitment, but you also have to complete some favours to keep them sweet.

This title is due later this year — the September window from earlier this year seems to have been dropped — so let us know what you think.