Unhappy wall emoji may have new secrets for you

Notorious indie title The Letter has had a storied history at Nintendo Life, being something of a poster child for quality control on the Wii U eShop and the recipient of a rare if not prestigious single star rating, with the major complaint being that there wasn't much to do, and what content there was ultimately didn't add up to anything.

In the recently released trailer for The Letter version 1.1, TreeFall Studios appears to be addressing the criticisms levelled at the title by adding new items, creatures, and environment updates. Whether or not these improvements will finally make the game the story-driven horror experience promised in the first release is anyone's guess right now. According to TreeFall Studios' Facebook page The Letter 1.1 game update has already been submitted to Nintendo for approval and is therefore not yet available for download, but the new content certainly looks promising:

Are you hoping this update adds an enhanced sense of gameplay to the somewhat embattled title? Is this the push you'd need to give it a chance, or have you decided to completely ignore this one? Get debating down below!

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip!

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