Mercedes DLC

In these days of rapid fire communication via social media, it's not uncommon for somebody to hastily post something to the world and get themselves into trouble. More often than not these gaffs are made by individuals, not those working on social media teams for multinational video game publishers such as Ubisoft.

At 12:17 today a Ubisoft employee tweeted the following from the official @Ubisoft Twitter account to it's 1.79 million followers:

Not sure I like the @MercedesBenz cars in #MarioKart8. Kinda breaks the magic. Be careful #Nintendo @NintendoAmerica

While the tweet was hastily deleted, it did not go unnoticed by various eagle-eyed Twitter users who called Ubisoft out on this breakdown in corporate etiquette. The following reply was issued:

While many Nintendo fans themselves haven't been that receptive of Mario Kart 8's controversial Mercedes-Benz DLC, this still isn't the sort of statement which you would expect to hear from a company such as Ubisoft.

What are your thoughts on this corporate comms faux pas and the Mercedes DLC in question?

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