In late May we brought you the surprise news that free Mercedes-themed DLC is coming to Mario Kart 8 in Japan, the latest title to follow that path through a licensing agreement — we saw Nintendo do this with the Callaway brand in Mario Golf: World Tour. At the time Nintendo wouldn't comment on a potential Western arrival, yet it's now confirmed that it's coming.

In posts on Facebook and Twitter from Nintendo of America and Europe, the company has announced that the "GLA-class kart" — based on the Mercedes Benz GLA-class SUV — will arrive as DLC "this summer", while using the same images (above and below) as were shown off for the Japanese announcement. It's not explicitly stated that it'll be free content, as it is in Japan, though we'd be a little surprised if it arrives with a price tag.

As add-on content it is unlikely to harm anyone that doesn't approve, and shows Nintendo trying to maximise profits through licensing agreements. Purists, of course, may be unhappy at the prospect of Mario rocking a Mercedes kart in Mario Kart 8.

Now that it's confirmed for the West, what do you think? Would you like to see more — probably free — licensed karts like this, or more expansive paid-DLC that adds to the modes and core game content? Let us know.