Siesta Fiesta Banner

We're big fans of Siesta Fiesta here at Nintendo Life, as it takes the classic Breakout formula and shakes it up with scrolling levels, power-ups and varied environments. At a budget price it's a reminder that enjoyable, great value games with a high level of polish are still possible.

It clearly wasn't perfect on day one, however, as developer Mojo Bones has released a patch to fix an issue that apparently occurred with saving medal data — we can't say we've noticed the issue ourselves, but it's fixed anyway.

As stated in the post above and verified on our own humble 3DS, the update is prompted when you try to load the game and available right now in Europe, with North America to follow.

Had you noticed an issue with medal data, and are you enjoying Siesta Fiesta? If you've not yet picked it up, perhaps our review and fellow gamers can persuade you.