Fast Racing NEO New

FAST Racing NEO has had an odd but short history to date. The sequel to the popular and rather fun FAST - Racing League on WiiWare, it was unveiled with a teaser website in late 2013, with some minor noises about plans for the game in early 2014. Though the teaser site launched with "Coming 2014" text, however, a lengthy silence on the project was followed by a subtle removal of that text.

That text is still absent, though developer Shin'en Multimedia has recently been giving assurances that the project is still very much in the works. Asked on Twitter for a tangible update, the studio has finally given details on when we'll see some evidence of its progress.

Up to now we've only had one concept logo, above, so screens will be welcome. As a studio that's often produced high-quality visuals on Nintendo hardware, we're hopeful they'll look rather impressive.

Are you excited about the ongoing development of FAST Racing NEO, or does Shin'en Multimedia need to do some work to get you hyped? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to JaxonH for the heads up.