Poptropica Fi Screenshot 4

We know that Ubisoft is happy to support Nintendo with anything but "mature" games, and it's fulfilling that brief with the announcement that it's publishing a learning game for 3DS - Poptropica: Forgotten Islands.

Poptropica is an online 'virtual world' for children that includes games to improve literacy and provide other aspects of learning. There's a browser-based experience that allows some stages to be accessed for free, though there's also a paid monthly membership. This 3DS retail title is an adaptation of that online setup, promising a sizeable world and a lot of activities; there was also a Poptropica game on DS, too.

This looks like it could be fun for young gamers when it lands in North America on 14th October, especially as it allows plenty of character customisation. Perhaps us older gamers will have to make do with being a little more forgotten, though there are a handful of Ubisoft games coming to Wii U and 3DS, such as Tetris Ultimate, Just Dance 2015 and the in-all-likelihood-doomed Watch Dogs.