Coming Soon

Following a wait which felt like an eternity, it's finally been revealed when exactly gamers will be getting their hands on Bayonetta 2. Well, gamers in North America at least. You see, we've yet to see a European release date for Platinum's much-anticipated Wii U exclusive, but we finally know when the American launch will be taking place – and it's not very far away.

The 24th of October is when it'll all be kicking off for our friends across the pond, who'll also be able to bag themselves a free copy of the original Bayonetta with a purchase of Bayonetta 2. However, for those over in Europe that process is a little different.

To get both games in a single retail package in Europe, you'll have to shell out for a special 2-disc edition. Or, alternatively, you'll be able to grab the original game from the eShop as a separate purchase. Hopefully we'll be able to report on a European release date very soon, but in the meantime, will any of you North Americans be grabbing Bayonetta 2 on release day?