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Wii Sports Club has now been released in full as four separate downloads, while it's also now in stores as a retail disc in Europe — that offering arrives in North America on 25th July. The Wii U upgrade to the iconic bundled Wii software may not be enjoying the cultural impact of the original, but it's decent nevertheless, throwing in mostly improved controls and various online features.

Of course, any game with online features will inevitably have software updates; Wii Sports Club is no different, with the eShop app and disc version — both essentially identical — now being upgraded to version 4.1 in Europe and North America. What exciting enhancements are included? Well, not many, as the changelog from the Nintendo UK support site makes clear.

  • Fixes an issue where the results of online Two-Player Team Play tennis matches were not displayed correctly in Play Records
  • Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment

Suitably vague aside from the Tennis fix, and we didn't notice any real change in a cursory look at the updated version — that said, updates are welcome and this one will hopefully smooth out a few issues with online lag in Tennis, in particular.

So there you have it, enjoy those "additional enhancements". If you still haven't joined the club, meanwhile, you might as well read all about it in our thorough Wii Sports Club review.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.