For any fan of the Zelda series, Sheik is unforgettable. A mysterious ninja who supplies a semi-deus ex machina role in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sheik provided one of the best twists in the entire game — and one which meant that all of those uncomfortable feelings Link had during the course of his adventure weren't as unfounded as he perhaps thought.

In this latest trailer for the promising hack-and-slash title Hyrule Warriors, we finally get to see some clean, unadulterated gameplay for how this assassin takes care of her enemies.

The more hawk-eyed and fox-eared of you may notice that through the Goddess' Harp Sheik plays a number of distinctly recognisable melodies. The first one happens at around 0:24, namely Nocturne of Shadow – the warp song learnt to take Link to the Shadow Temple. It seems the harp is able to call on many different elemental powers to ensnare its foes at the hands of the secretive Sheikah. Can you name all the others featured in the trailer from memory?

We've been promised even more news, so who knows what new faces and places there may yet be in the game. Head over to Niconico and catch the presentation when it's streamed live tomorrow.

Pass your gaze below to see the trailer in all its glory.