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Whenever gamers argue over which 2D Mario platformer is the best of them all, Super Mario Bros. 3 is normally included in the debate. It pushed the capabilities of the NES and blew a lot of minds when originally released, and still stands up as a terrific title by modern standards. The word "classic" is perhaps thrown around too loosely nowadays, but this legitimately qualifies as just that.

Of course, as it was on NES, and with such ambitious design, it has its fair share of glitches where coding and resource limitations opened the game up to some peculiar events and behaviours. That's perhaps part of its charm, as retro gamers still seek out new tricks that haven't been discovered before.

YouTuber A+Start is clearly a fan of seeking out these quirky moments, and has produced an excellent video showing off some well- and less-known glitches in the title. One is a relatively recent and incredibly tricky manoeuvre in world 7-1 to skip to the end, and another is a particularly humorous move that takes away Bowser's ability to breath fire.

Check it out below and let us know what you think