Fantasy Life


It seems that a North American release date of 24th October was confirmed in early June (thanks Tops), meaning it'll arrive almost a full month earlier in Europe.

Original Article:

Fantasy Life was a title given extensive coverage during the rolling E3 Nintendo Treehouse broadcast, with a clear eagerness to promote the merits of the Level 5 / 1-Up Studios (formerly Brownie Brown) collaboration — the title was originally released in Japan in late December 2012.

The RPG adventure also has some sim elements, as you choose from 12 Life Classes — professions, ultimately — that naturally effect how you play the game and its evolution through a playthrough. Collecting and crafting, along with the opportunity to switch classes almost whenever you want, ensure that it should be an interesting experience.

While a loose 'October' release window was previously given, it's been announced that this title will arrive in Europe a little earlier, on 26th September. That's not far away, and below is the opening movie from the title that also shows off the various classes.

We'll keep an eye out for a North American release date, but in the meantime let us know what you think of the opening movie.