Hard as steel

We went a bit potty over Steel Empire when it was remastered for the Japanese 3DS eShop at the start of the year. A classic Sega Mega Drive / Genesis shooter from the early '90s, the game was given a makeover for Nintendo's handheld which included new visuals and an improved soundtrack.

Publisher Teyon has now confirmed that it will be bringing the game to the North American 3DS eShop next Thursday for the rather high price tag of $29.99 and has released a rather neat trailer to accompany the news.

We naturally pressed Teyon regarding a European release date, but have been told that at the present moment in time the game is only being released in North America.

Our import expert Kerry was rather taken with the game when she previewed it earlier this year. "The developers have lovingly crafted a tribute to a fondly remembered Mega Drive title as well as a game that can stand as an enjoyable modern shoot ‘em up in its own right," is what she said, in fact. Make sure you read that preview and also check out our comparison footage of all three versions of the title.

Are you happy to hear this news? Will you be picking up Steel Empire next week, or has that price put you off? Are you based in Europe and feel a bit left out? Share your feelings in the comments section.