Iwata Meeting

Nintendo's stock value has had a funny year, with a rapid spike and equally sudden decline showing how temperamental the markets can be. Since late January the big N's stock has fluctuated, but the general trend has been upwards. We reported on this in some detail in late May, with the value heading back to stable levels seen throughout much of 2013.

The past couple of days have brought more landmarks that may give Nintendo's management some cause for a smile, especially ahead of the Q1 financial results being published at the end of July. On 22nd July Nintendo stock jumped — along with some others in a positive day in Tokyo — by 3.4 percent to 12,925, a high point since 26th February. Today's close brought a further increase of 0.89%, taking Nintendo past the 13,000 mark to 13,040 Yen. The price will naturally wobble around over the next week, but it'll be interesting to see how Nintendo's business has performed in Q1 of this financial year, and how that'll affect stock value.

For you chart fans, meanwhile, below are some line graphs showing the trends over the past month and year.

Past Month

Stock Month

Past Year

Stock Year

Some positive news for the money men at Nintendo; the Q1 financial results will be published on 30th July, and we'll be dissecting the results, as usual, here on Nintendo Life.

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