Bravelydefault Character Agnes Oblige Knights Tunic

Those of you who played and completed the original Bravely Default may be worrying about whether or not the game's iconic heroine, Agnes Oblige, will be making an appearance in Bravely Second, which is currently in development for the 3DS.

Allow us to put those fears to rest, because information just published in the Japanese magazine Jump confirm that Ms. Oblige will indeed be returning in the highly-anticipated RPG sequel.

Bravely Second Scan 07 23 14

The magazine has also printed images of all-new protagonist Magnolia Arch in various job forms, including Valkyrie, Super Star, Red Mage, and Time Mage.

Bravely Second currently has no solid release date in Japan, and there's also no confirmation that it will be localised for the west. However, the strong critical and commercial performance of the first game should make a release outside of Japan a formality.