1399922991 Dragon Quest X

We've lamented before on Square Enix's baffling decision to keep Dragon Quest X a strictly Japan-only affair, and now it appears that fans outside Japan have another format to direct their frustrations at with the announcement that the game will hit Japanese 3DS' on the 4th of September this year.


The handheld version of the game will cost fans of the colourful MMO ¥3800 (plus tax), which will also include 60 days subscription, a poster, and a variety of in game goods, including the rather fetching mode of transport shown below. Even though the graphics will naturally take a hit (although from the two screens shown so far, not by much) this is still the complete Dragon Quest X experience with users able to play seamlessly with Wii, Wii U and Windows players, or for those that already have a character they can use the 3DS version to do a bit of crafty gaming at work.


Do you like the sound of Dragon Quest X in your pocket? Would you buy this if it made its way to your region? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source dqx.jp]