You would be forgiven for assuming that last year's Nightmare Busters is the final SNES release, seeing as the console itself is well over twenty years old now, but that isn't the case.

Piko Interactive has secured the rights to Dorke and Ymp (also known as Dorque and Imp), a title which was produced by Swedish studio Norse back in the '90s but never got published. Original developer Peter Waher has sold the code to Piko, which is planning a physical release in the near future.

The game is apparently around 80-85 percent complete, so a little more work is required before it can be published. Sadly, the original designer and creator of the game won't be around to see Dorke and Imp finally make it into the hands of gamers — Jim Studt (also known as Satrio) passed away in April at just 42 years old.

You can check out the game by watching the video below. Is this something you'd be prepared to invest in? Or do you think the publisher should have taken the digital route and released the game on the eShop instead? Share your feelings with a comment.