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Just yesterday Nintendo of Europe confirmed details for a Wii Sports Club retail version along with release dates for the final two downloadable parts — Wii Sports Club: Baseball and Wii Sports Club: Boxing. Nintendo of America has now joined in, with some slightly different release details.

To start with the downloads, they'll be available from 26th June from 6pm Pacific time, though no equivalent has been announced of the 48 hour free trial being offered in Europe. In the press release this is really a side-note, though we'd expect the same prices for the two final entries — $1.99 for a day pass or a permanent club pass for $9.99.

The retail version with all five games will arrive in North America two weeks later than in Europe, on 26th July. Yesterday we suggested that those keen to own all five but yet to dive into downloads may be advised to wait, and that is certainly the case in North America — the retail version will have a recommended price of $39.99, a $10 saving off buying the five downloads separately.

As mentioned yesterday, Baseball will play rather like it's original E3 2011 demonstration — you bat with Wii MotionPlus and and field (pitching and catching) using the GamePad screen and motion control. Boxing could be interesting this time around as you can use a MotionPlus Remote in each hand, so you can accurately punch an opposing Mii in the face.

Are you tempted by the final two entries or the retail disc? Let us know.

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