It'll be a bit like this, shown at E3 2011

After Japanese release details let the cat out of the bag, Nintendo has confirmed European release details for both Wii Sports Club: Baseball and Wii Sports Club: Boxing on the Wii U eShop, while also announcing a retail disc version that will combine all five games in one.

To start with the download options, these will both arrive on 27th June, and will come with a free 48-hour trial for all — including those that have enjoyed trials before — before adopting the standard £1.79 / €1.99 one-day pass and £8.99 / €9.99 permanent purchase options. The retail disc version, meanwhile, will include all of the sports and arrive in stores on 11th July.

As for the games themselves, Baseball very much sounds like the game demonstrated way back at E3 2011, with MotionPlus used for more accurate swings of the bat and the GamePad motion control and screen used for pitching and catching — from a first-person perspective — while fielding. As for Boxing, an interesting detail is that players can use a Wii RemotePlus controller in each hand for added precision, likely ruling out the frenzied waggle-fest of fights in the Wii original. There'll be skill shaper challenges for practising, of course.

For those that want all five games we suspect the retail offering will be a more affordable option, minus the convenience of the download passes — and the fact that three sports have been playable for a good while. It's certainly a smart move to release the game this summer, especially as a means of capturing the attention of those considering a Wii upgrade; Nintendo's current system is enjoying a spike of media attention, after all.

Are you looking forward to the final two downloads, the retail disc, or not actually bothered about these in any form? Let us know, while we'll keep an eye out for North American release details.