A concept first shown at E3 2011

The Wii Sports Club range on the Wii U eShop has offered some decent fun so far, bringing HD, Miiverse and MotionPlus upgrades to three events from the iconic Wii Sports. We're still awaiting Baseball and Boxing, of course, in order to complete the set; if a Japanese retail blog is to be believed, they're not far away.

The blog in question — Sinobi — has posted a tweet (translated by Siliconera) suggesting that the previously rumoured retail bundle of all Wii Sports Club games is due to arrive in Japanese stores on 17th July. Logic dictates, therefore, that the Boxing and and Baseball downloads should be available around that time; the potential for a boxed compilation in the West shouldn't be disregarded, either, and could provide perfect Summer filler for the Wii U's release line-up. The Wii Sports brand is familiar to millions of gamers from the Wii era, so a reasonably-priced boxed product of the upgraded versions could make commercial sense for all territories.

Of course, the existing Wii Sports Club downloads are available through the 'Pass' system, so you can buy them outright or have limited time access by paying less. While unclear how successful this has been in terms of sales, it looks like we could have the full set available on the eShop soon, and maybe in stores.

Are you still looking forward to a bit of Baseball and Boxing on the Wii U, and would you be tempted by a boxed compilation?

[source siliconera.com, via twitter.com]